Create WordPress Posts from Flickr


Linking your Flickr account to your WordPress blog means you can turn any Flickr image into a blog post without even leaving Flickr. Just create a photo category on your website and make it the default category, add your blog to Flickr, then click on the 'Blog This' button above any of your images to create a new post. You can also add your … [Read more...]

Video Player Plugin for WordPress


Wordtube is a Video Player plugin for WordPress which works with the JW Flash Video Player allowing you to embed videos, music and other media files on your website. It is easy to use and looks clean and professional. You can customize the look of your player with different skins to match the look of your website. Once you have activated the … [Read more...]

Genesis Child Theme Setup


Once you have installed WordPress, you will want to install a theme and start adding content to your website. Genesis works in conjunction with a child theme where all your actual branding and layout customisations are made. This means that you can update to new technology or functionality as it becomes available without over writing any of your … [Read more...]

Change Your Website for a Promotion


These days, there's a whole generation of people (including myself) who visit a website to find products and services or just to check things out before they ever visit a shop or purchase a product. If you're spending time and money on catalogues, sale flyers and print advertising, don't forget to add promotions, sales, events and new products … [Read more...]