Best WordPress Sharing Plugin

Shareaholic is the best WordPress sharing plugin availableA huge range of social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin to name a few) to add to the bottom of your blog posts and pages.  

Website visitors click on the buttons to share your content quickly and easily without leaving your website. The Shareaholic plugin (formerly called Sexy Bookmarks) has evolved to include: detailed social analytics, print and email buttons, open graph for Facebook, pre-formatted Twitter template and great layout options. You can simply add a few sharing buttons or do a whole lot more!

In this tutorial, you will learn…

  • How to setup the Shareaholic plugin on your website
  • How to choose where your posts can be shared including print & email options
  • Options to make your posts look better when shared
  • Different display options for your buttons
  • How to link to Google Analytics to see who’s sharing your posts
  • How to disable sharing buttons per page/post

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