Lightbox Effect on WordPress Images

Lightbox plugin for WordPressAdding the WP jQuery Lightbox Plugin to your website means that images will open in a black popup box when clicked on. This adds a professional lightbox effect to the images in your posts and pages. If you have a series or gallery of images in one post, the lightbox includes next and previous buttons to scroll though all the images at full size.


Setting up The Lightbox Plugin

  1. Go to Plugins/Add New
  2. Search for the WP jQuery Lightbox plugin
  3. Install  and activate
  4. Go to the new jQuery Lightbox section under Settings on your sidebar
  5. Make sure auto lightbox images is ticked
  6. Save Changes

That’s pretty much it, except if your images haven’t been re-sized for web and are larger than screen size at their full size, you can tick the box to shrink larger images automatically on the Lightbox settings page.

Screenshot showing Lightbox effect

A Single Image

Upload an image to your post or page as usual using the ‘Add image’ icon. If you add titles to your images, these will also show on the lightbox.

To see this effect in action on a single image, go to and click on one of the little maps on the homepage.

A Series of Images

Upload several photos to a post or page, then click insert gallery button on popup window or add several thumbnail sized images to the same post. If you add titles to your images, these will also show on the lightbox.