Easy WordPress Slideshow Plugin

WordPress slideshow

The WP Cycle Plugin by Nathan Rice is an easy WordPress slideshow plugin which I have used on a lot of websites sometimes with images and others a series of graphics to explain a product.

You can load as many images as you like to display in the slideshow, can set the time between each slide and can link each image to a web page or post if you want to. You do need to re-size your images to the exact slideshow size before  you upload them, but this can be done inside WordPress without too much trouble.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  •  How to Setup the WP Cycle plugin and upload your slideshow images
  • How to determine what width and height to make your images
  • How to add your slideshow to a widget to show on your homepage or onto a page
  • Design ideas, customisation and live examples of websites using this plugin