Easy WordPress Slideshow Plugin

WordPress slideshow

The WP Cycle Plugin by Nathan Rice is an easy WordPress slideshow plugin which I have used on a lot of websites sometimes with images and others a series of graphics to explain a product.

You can load as many images as you like to display in the slideshow, can set the time between each slide and can link each image to a web page or post if you want to. You do need to re-size your images to the exact slideshow size before  you upload them, but this can be done inside WordPress without too much trouble.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  •  How to Setup the WP Cycle plugin and upload your slideshow images
  • How to determine what width and height to make your images
  • How to add your slideshow to a widget to show on your homepage or onto a page
  • Design ideas, customisation and live examples of websites using this plugin


  1. Margaret says


    You have solved another website design issue for me! I appreciate your help so much. Thanks, Margaret

  2. says

    You can add a background to the slideshow by adding a background hex color to the home top left section in your style sheet. You can’t add text to your slides using this plugin. I would suggest using the datafeedr random ads plugin (http://www.creative-web-ideas.com/random-testimonials-plugin/) for your testimonials. Drag one of their widgets underneath the slideshow widget. To show specific testimonials in specific areas, use the datafeedr random ads widget in your custom sidebars.
    For a slideshow plugin which lets you show text slides as well as image and video slides, I would suggest http://www.slidedeck.com

  3. Margaret says


    I would like to add a background and text for testomonials to my wp cycle plugin. Is this possible? Thanks!

  4. says

    Hi Margaret,
    The WP Cycle plugin runs the large slideshow at the top of the homepage. NextGEN is a sophisticated gallery plugin to create photo galleries. These open in a lightbox effect. The strip of small photos across the homepage is showing photos from any galleries that have been setup on your website. – Jo

  5. Margaret says


    What is the difference between WP Cycle Plugin and NextGen Gallery? I see where you reference both in the Kiwi Theme. Thanks

  6. says

    Hi Rachel,
    The slideshow looks good in your sidebar. To use images you have already loaded, use the Genesis Slider Plugin instead. This one lets you choose a category (just create a new one called “Featured”) and show the featured image from posts in that category in your sidebar. Let me know if you have any trouble using this plugin.

  7. says

    Hi Jo, tutorial worked really well. I need to think about the overall design of my home page to fit this in. Any way of just linking to certain images already in the media gallery or choosing to include the image in the photo gallery when you upload them?


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