2 Effective FAQ Page Methods

Effective FAQ PagesIf you use WordPress, there are 2 very effective faq page methods to create and display frequently asked questions on your website.

Which method and plugin you choose depends on mainly on the importance you place on SEO – don’t worry, I’ll explain why

Method #1 – The Expanding FAQ Page

Description: List all your questions and answers on a page, then use the Expanding Text Plugin to hide the answers until the question is clicked on.

Advantages: One Page only, easy to add more, great for questions with short to medium length answers.

Disadvantages: Everything is on one page so search engines will only index that page based on the one title, meta title, meta description etc in that page.

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Method #2 – The FAQ Category

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Description: Create a category called ‘FAQ’ (or Support or something else suitable) and then publish each question and answer as a separate post.
To make it easier for your end users, use the List Category Posts plugin to list all your faqs (title only) on a page and then include this page in your navigation menu rather than the category itself.

Advantages: Great if you have a lot of faqs, you can use a unique search phrase for each post and use to attract search engine traffic, new posts can send to your RSS newsletter, easy to keep adding fresh content to your website, your faqs can become your blog.

Disadvantages: Have to create a new post for each faq and optimize each one for seo, need to make sure users can link back to main list from any single post, one word answers look ridiculous on their own in a post.

VIEW TUTORIAL: List Posts on Pages Plugin

TIP: If your faqs cover different products, you might want to create sub categories too so your page can be organised by product or other sub headings.

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