Facebook Sharing Links with Image

Facebook Sharing Links with ImageUse the OpenGraph Pro plugin on your website to make your links look better on Facebook (include an image and excerpt) and get more click throughs and shares.

When a website visitor (or you yourself) shares/adds a link to your website or one of your WordPress posts on Facebook, you want it to include:

  • the post title as a link
  • a short summary of the post (taken from the first paragraph of content)
  • a thumbnail sized image from the content (the person adding the link can choose which one to show)

“When I go to share a link and a random photo or ad from the website’s sidebar show up with it, I often decide not to share or add the link manually with a photo.”

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to add and setup the OpenGraph Pro plugin
  • How to select which image will show with each link
  • How to add links manually to your Facebook page

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