Gravity Form to Cart66 Shopping Cart

Forms for workshop and event bookingsThe Cart66 e-commerce plugin gives you the option of using a form instead of an ‘add to cart’ button for any product in your WordPress store.

This works well for event registrations, bookings, group memberships, online memberships, custom products – anything where you need your customer to give you additional information at the time of purchase.

You can also accept payment for information or photos submitted via your form for an online real estate listing, online directory, online gallery etc.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How the form works with your shopping cart
  • Tips for creating your form
  • How to create a product linked to a form
  • How to add the form/product to your website

Plus view some live websites using these plugins together.


  1. Eric says

    I have been using cart66 and gravity forms for some time now with no issues. Now I am getting this error when trying to create a new product and linking it with gravity forms in cart66. ” Unfortunately there has been an error with the shopping cart. Please contact the site Administrator for more information.
    Error Code: 0 Unable to load Gravity Form”

  2. says

    Hi Wendy, It is quite tricky to get options working properly when using Cart66 and gravity Forms together. I would use the product field to as a single product with the price, then use the options field with all the flavours showing in a dropdown or check list. Make sure you select show value. Add the price for each and in the value box for each option, add a +$…. if there is an additional cost, then type the name of the option again. If the options have no extra cost, just repeat the name of the option in the value box. I have attached a screenshot here of options on another form I setup the other day –
    If you still can’t get it to work, email me the product price and options with prices and I’ll mock one up for you.

  3. Wendy Yohe says

    Were it only that simple! LOL Some of the products require 3 flavor choices. Herein lies the problem. I have most of the shop set up using Gravity Forms and Cart66 and it’s going well. The only problem I have now is getting all fields to show up on the checkout details. The fields for the first two flavors are not showing up. Is there a setting somewhere for number of fields allowed?

  4. says

    Hi Wendy,
    You could definitely use Gravity Forms with Cart66 for this but as you can only link each form to one product, you might end up with a lot of forms.
    I would suggest just using cart66. Make sure you untick the shipping address same as billing in the Cart66 Settings. That way you will have the senders name and the recipient’s name and address filled in.
    I would then use the first custom field for the product options (eg. Choose your flavour, chocolate, caramel, strawberry) and the second custom field for the message (eg. Enter your gift message here). The message would include To xxxxx, Message….. From xxxxx.
    Remember that if different flavours cost different amounts, you just add the difference next to the option. Eg. Choose your flavour, chocolate, caramel +$3.00, strawberry + $2.00
    Also to get the grid view with just product image, name and price, using custom posts would work really well –

  5. Wendy Yohe says

    Hi Jo!

    I’m working on an ecommerce project for a client. I need to create an online store like this one – – with up to 3 product variation fields (for flavors) and To, From, Ship To and Personal Message fields. Can I do this with Cart 66 and Gravity Forms?

    I know that Cart 66 offers only 2 product variation fields and their support has suggested using Gravity Forms if I need more. Seems a shame to have to go through all that for just one more field, but it is what it is. Of course, I would need Gravity Forms anyway for the other fields.

    Thank you for these tutorials! They are sooo much better than the company support tutorials!

  6. says

    Hey Couchman,
    hope you are doing good, please let me know if your tutorials do this so that i know if i am spending on a right thing to buy.

    1) registration system with making a front end control panel to edit the users details by themselves?
    2) front end posting with custom post types, taxo and custom fields? this posting system again with users control panel so that they can edit their own posts etc.

    Please advise here.

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