Guide to Genesis Featured Posts Widget

Super charged latest posts widget from GenesisThe Genesis Featured Posts widget displays the most recent content from one of your blog categories in any number of different ways on your homepage , sidebar or footer.

Set the number of posts you would like to display, choose a category, then display title only, image only, title and excerpt, image and title just to name a few. You can use as many of these widgets as you like on your homepage, sidebar or footer to display a selection of your most recent content.

In this tutorial, you will learn…

  • Different ways you can use this widget
  • Design tips and creative ideas
  • Notes on customizing the look of your widgets

View screenshots and links to websites using these widgets in different ways.


  1. says

    Hi George,
    You can add a new featured image size to the functions.php file. Just go to Appearance/Editor and select the functions.php file on the right.
    In the code on the left, look near the top of the page for the lines showing featured image sizes. You can add a new one in here using the same format as the others and update the file. This will then show on the widget dropdown as an option with the others.

  2. George says

    Hi Jo,
    * In part 7 (featured image)
    – image size – what if you would like a larger image than 150×150?
    – besides right / left alignment, how can I get center alignment?

    * Of course if you make a bigger featured image, you might need a bigger box. How can we influence the size of widgets in Genesis?


  3. says

    If you’re creating an online directory, use Genesis Featured Widgets and set the ‘order by’ section to ‘random’. A different client or directory listing is promoted each time to the page refreshes.

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