Your Logo on PayPal Payment Page

Creative Web Ideas custom PayPal Payment PageIf you use PayPal to process credit card payments on your e-commerce store, it is a good idea to brand your secure payment page with your logo and website colors.

Customers who click on the checkout button on your website see your logo and immediately know that they are in the right place, plus the emphasis is on your brand rather than PayPal. Both the Cart66 plugin and the WP E-Commerce Plugin include PayPal as an easy option to accept credit card payments on your online store.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to create a Custom Payment Page with your logo on it


  1. says

    Thanks Erwin. Hosting the logo image on a secure server is still mentioned in PayPal but none of the browsers seem to mind if it is not anymore. Let me know if you do come across any warnings. I have tested in IE, Firefox and Google Chrome.

  2. says

    Definitely a good idea. Although you must host it on a https:// domain otherwise IE (not sure about the other browsers) will throw you a warning about unsecured items bla-bla which probably scares people to continue with the purchase.,

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