Rotating Testimonials Plugin for WordPress

testimonialsUse a rotating testimonials plugin to show a different testimonial in your sidebar on every page of your website.

This way you get as many great comments about your business as possible in front of website visitors in a much more subtle way than a big list down a single page. You can also create a testimonials page populated by the same testimonials.

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • Which plugin to use for rotating testimonials
  • How to setup a new section and add your testimonials
  • How to add testimonials to a page
  • How to add the testimonials sections to your sidebar
  • How to handle long testimonials

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This tutorial was last updated on 11th February 2013.


  1. says

    That’s great news. It will only show a new testimonial if the page is refreshed. This is why it is more effective on lots of pages or listings. Remember, you can always add a link underneath it, linking to the page with all the testimonials on it too.

  2. Margaret says

    Jo, You did it!!! Thanks

    One more question please about the testimonials. Will it only show the next testimonial if I refresh the page? I was hoping it would automatically rotate the testimonials like a slideshow. Thanks

  3. says

    Use an author conditional tag with the author page slug in it in the widget login box on the testimonials widget . Eg. is_author( ‘john-jones’ )
    Alternatively, if your agent page is a page, just use a page conditional tag with the page id. Eg. is_page( 42 )

  4. Margaret says

    Thanks Jo. I saw the post you did on creating a page of testimonials. For this, I would like each agent to have their own rotating testimonials in the sidebar of their page. Just can’t seem to think how to do this. Thanks, Margaret

  5. says

    Hi Margaret,
    You can just paste the same shortcode as you add to a widget into a page or post to show testimonials there instead. You may want to show more testimonials on a page than you would have in the sidebar. I have updated the tutorial to include instructions for creating a testimonials page. Cheers Jo

  6. Margaret says

    Jo, Trying to figure out how to add testimonials for each agent on their page. Followed instructions above but the testimonial is appearing in the sidebar on all agent pages. Thanks

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