Online Banner Ad Sizes

Online banner ad sizesIf you’re keen add some banners to your website either  linking to your own services or promoting other websites, here are a few general guidelines for sizes and best location of your ads.

The best idea is to check the actual widths of the areas where you want to display banners on your child theme as every theme is different. To do this, go to Appearance/Editor and select the style.css on the right, then scroll down the code on the left until you see the sections where you would like to add banners. Check the width setting beside each section. Eg. Look under Sidebars – width is usually between 250 and 300 pixels wide.

If you join affiliate programs and are downloading graphics and code to add to your website to earn commission, check your theme widths as above or download sizes as per guidelines below.

Banner Ads

Long horizontal graphics approx 500 x 100 pixels depending on your layout. Best locations include: Your website header (at the top of every page to the right of your logo) or anywhere on your homepage where there is a widget area.

Square Ads

Square graphics typically 250 x 250 pixels (stretching right across your sidebar) or 125 x 125 pixels (add to your sidebar in groups of 2, 4 or 6)

Online Ad Specs

If you are asking other people to supply graphics for your website advertising spots, resolution should be 72dpi and ask for jpeg, png or gif files only plus a website link where they want people to end up when the ad is clicked on. Offer them one of more of the sizes and locations above with the homepage and top right of the header being the most expensive.

Useful Tutorials

  • If you just want one add in one location, upload your image and add to a text widget in one of your widget areas – Tutorial on adding an image in a text widget
  • If you want to show lots of banners in the same location, I would use the DataFeedr Random Ad plugin (different ads show in the same location everytime you go to another page). This also comes with a widget!