Visual Guide to Google Analytics


Google Analytics is an incredible tool for finding out who your website visitors are, how they got to your website and what they did when they got there.
The only issue is that the sheer volume of information and options can be completely overwhelming. To make it easy to find the statistics essential to understanding your [...]

Analytics for WordPress E-Commerce

Google Analytics for your WordPress Shop

The new Ecommerce section in Google Analytics tells you how many times a customer visited your website before deciding to make a purchase and how they arrived at your website as well as letting you filter your results to find out details about each individual purchase such as country of residence, landing page, exit page, device used to access your website and much more.

Filtering Website Statistics by Author

View website statistics by author

Real estate websites, content sites with multiple contributors and any WordPress website with more than one person contributing content will benefit from this. When you access statistics on who’s been visiting your website, you will be able to first select a particular author/contributor, then drill down to keywords, pages viewed, referring sites etc for that author.

Search Engines Love WordPress

SEO plugins for WordPress websites

If you’re using WordPress, every one of your pages and blog posts is now its own standalone website with its own url, title and description and it’s own potential for a listing on Google. This means that you need to optimise every single post you publish, not just the homepage for search engines. find out which are the best SEO plugins, what to write in your titles and descriptions and what the next steps are for optimising your website. Download my FREE SEO Planning Spreadsheet…

Schedule Analytics Reports By Email

Email Your Website Statistics

If you have a free Google Analytics account linked to your website you can navigate to any section of your statistics, then schedule a report to be emailed to you/someone else every week/month/day. Find out how to schedule a summary, new subscribers to e-newsletter and posts by a particular author.

Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

Pie Chart

The Google Analytics plugin for WordPress makes it easy to link your WordPress website to your free Google Analytics account. Find out how to add this plugin and how to setup a free account with Google to find out who’s visiting your website.