Why Use Genesis?

Genesis is a theme framework for WordPress which takes care of the design-side functionality of your website.

Future Proof Design

Genesis works in conjunction with a child theme where all your actual branding and layout customisations are made. This means that you can update to new technology or functionality as it becomes available without over writing any of your existing design and layout.

Widgetized Homepage Layouts

The homepage of a Genesis child theme is made up of widget areas just like the sidebar on your pages. Under Appearance/Widgets, you will see different types of available widgets on the left (eg. latest posts, gravity form, photo gallery etc) and the homepage widget areas on the right (eg. Home top, Home Middle 1, Home Middle 2 etc).

Whichever widgets you drag into the homepage areas on the right determines the content which will show in that area on your homepage. You can therefore make the homepage look totally different by dragging different widgets into the widget areas available.

The Genesis framework has widgetised not only the sidebar but also the entire homepage and even the right hand side of the header. What this means is that each child theme's homepage is made up of a series of boxes. Using widgets, you can drag any content you like into the available areas to completely change or update the look and content of your website.

NOTE: Save yourself time by choosing a child theme with a similar layout to what you would like. Eg. full width homepage vs homepage with sidebar OR middle section 3 across vs middle section 2 columns across.

Responsive Design

Many of the newer child themes are Mobile responsive so the layout adjusts automatically for smaller devices like ipads and iPhones.

A responsive website layout adjusts depending on the screen size

Special Widgets

Genesis comes with a set of special widgets you can use to display and organise the freshest content on your website. Widgets can be changed in seconds by selecting a different category or page. The most useful of these are:

WidgetWhat it Does...
Featured Page widgetSelect one of your pages from the dropdown, choose to show with an image, align the image, decide how much text to show
Featured Post widgetSelect one of your categories from the dropdown, select number of posts to show, choose to show with an image, align the image, decide how much text to show. View tutorial...
User Profile widgetChoose an author from the dropdown, choose whether to show avatar, link to bio or add custom text

Design Functionality

There is some amazing design functionality built into Genesis including:

Genesis Page Layout Options

  • One-click layout options for every page and post including sidebars on different sides, no sidebar and others.
  • Creating gorgeous category pages is setup from the Genesis Settings page by selecting the featured image size and length of excerpt to show.  Grid layout possible too.
  • Creating 2, 3 and 4 columns of content on your pages
  • Newer child themes let you choose a background colour and upload and crop your header from inside WordPress
  • Many themes have a range of colour options to choose from without any customisation required

Search Engine Optimisation

Genesis has SEO built in.
Every page, post and category includes an SEO Settings box where you can add a unique title and description for Google. You can easily show your category title and description at the top of your pages too.

Special Plugins

Genesis has a range of plugins for websites built on the Genesis framework.
The most useful are:

  • Genesis Simple Sidebars – quickly create new sidebar and choose which page, post or category they should show on
  • Genesis Slider – an easy to build slideshow based on your posts or pages
  • Genesis Simple Edits – an easy way to adjust your post’s byline and following meta info
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