WordPress Membership Options

WordPress Membership OptionsIf you want to turn your WordPress website into a membership site, in other words offer members something the general public can’t access, there are a few important questions you need to ask…

  1. Do you want members to access content, files or special functionality?
  2. Do you want members to be able to upload content/images to your site or just view content?
  3. Do you want members to pay or join for free?
  4. What information do you want from people who join?
  5. Will members be signed up to your email newsletter?

What do you want to offer members on your website?
Let me know using the comments form below and I’ll tell you how you can achieve it.

Below are a couple of common scenarios and how to manage them…

Scenario #1:

I have a lot of pdf files and documents I want members to have access to

*Members are saved as users in your WordPress admin.

Scenario #2:

I have content I want only members to have access to and I want them to pay for access.

  • Use the Cart66 Membership Plugin to setup a payment system and mark member only content on your website
  • Use the Cart66 default login page or a login form in your sidebar or header
  • Link Cart66 to your MailChimp account to send member emails to your newsletter list

*Members are saved as Accounts under Cart66 in your admin.