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Google and Duplicate Content

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A big consideration when optimising your website for Google is avoiding duplicate content. Having exactly the same content on different pages of your … More info

Dealing with Comments and Trackbacks

Comments and trackbacks

A comment is when someone fills in the comment form below one of your blog posts and a trackback is when someone publishes a link to a page/post on … More info

Automatically Send Posts to Facebook & Twitter


The best plugin I have found to automatically send posts to Facebook and Twitter from your WordPress website is the Social plugin by MailChimp. You … More info

Dropdown Blog Categories

Dropdown Blog Categories

If you are blogging or writing about different topics the chances are each of your readers are interested in one specific topic more than the … More info

Improve WordPress Recent Comments

Enhanced recent comments widget using the Better WordPress Recent Comments plugin

Instead of the WordPress default, Recent Comments widget, use a plugin called Better WordPress Recent Comments. You can take your comments to a whole … More info

Top Tips for Blogging


Writing regular blog posts on your website is a great way to increase search engine traffic to your website and keep your customers and target … More info

Keep Them Reading – Related Posts

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Adding a related posts plugin to your WordPress blog adds a list of similar posts underneath each post which readers can click on to read more of your … More info

Creating a Post with Gravity Forms


Gravity forms can be used to automatically create WordPress blog posts. You set up a form with special post fields for title, content, images etc, … More info

Understanding Categories and Tags

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You can use both categories and tags on your Wordpress blog to group or describe the posts you write so it can be confusing to know which to use when. … More info