Cart66 Shop Plugin Tutorials

Cart66 is very flexible and easy to use WordPress E-Commerce plugin and a membership plugin all in one. These tutorials will teach you how to sell products or services on your website and how to customise your online shop using the Cart66 E-Commerce plugin. You can also use Cart66 as a membership plugin...

Use PayPal Express for Your Store


Most e-commerce plugins like Cart66, give you the choice of using PayPal Standard or PayPal Express. If you use PayPal Express, the PayPal payment page will show the credit card payment section as default rather than the pay with your PayPal account section. For this reason, I use PayPal Express on all client websites. More about the … [Read more...]

Display Similar Products or Related Posts

the three-colour apples 3d rendering

The Manual Related Posts plugin is perfect for promoting similar products in your online store, a series of articles or related tutorials and posts. On each post/page, you can search your website and choose exactly which other posts you think people should read. These are then displayed in either a list of a block with thumbnails at the bottom … [Read more...]

Design an Easy Store Newsletter


If you have an online store, the best way to get your products in front of existing and potential customers is via an email newsletter. Whether you showcase new products, sale products or focus each newsletter on a particular theme or group of products, you can easily create an effective newsletter to send to your database. Your subscribers will … [Read more...]

Integrate Online Store and Email Newsletter


Both the Cart66 E-Commerce plugin and the WP E-Commerce plugin allow you to add customers who make a purchase in your online store to a MailChimp email newsletter list. In the case of WP E-commerce, each customers purchase data is included with their MailChimp record. This data can then be used for targeted email campaigns based on purchases and … [Read more...]

Buy Now Buttons on NextGEN Gallery

Film with images

If you are selling photos, illustrations or other visual artworks, it makes sense to use the NextGEN Gallery plugin to showcase your work in galleries. The best time to have customers buy your art is as they have an image open in the gallery lightbox. This can easily be achieved using the Cart66 e-commerce plugin. In this tutorial, you will … [Read more...]

Show Sale Price on Cart66 Products

sale price on cart66 products

Do you want to have a sale on specific products in your Cart66 online shop? Like most online shops, you can show the original price crossed out with the sale price next to it. You could show a discounted price available to members or with a discount code in the same way. If you have your products setup as posts in different shop categories, you … [Read more...]

Custom Cart Buttons for Cart66


Cart66 allows you to replace the standard button 'add to cart' button with a custom cart button of your choice on any online product. You can use wording appropriate to the product you are selling and match the button style to the overall look and feel of your website. Eg. Membership buttons can say 'Join Now', downloadable products can say … [Read more...]

Add Gift Card to Cart66 Shopping Cart

Add a gift card option to your online shop

Offering an optional gift card with personal message and gift wrap to your online store customers, will enhance your online store and improve your customer's experience. If your customers are buying a gift for someone else, including gift options means that their purchase can easily be sent directly to that person. If you don't offer this, you … [Read more...]

Why Cart66 is the Best E-Commerce Plugin

why Cart66 is the best Wordress e-commerce plugin

If you are adding an online store to your WordPress website or even a small amount of e-commerce functionality, you are probably totally confused about which e-commerce plugin will work best for you and why. A member asked me recently why I love Cart66. Here are just a few of the reasons why Cart66 is the best e-commerce plugin... (Please … [Read more...]