Online Gift Voucher Form

Online Gift Voucher Form

Using Cart66 and Gravity Forms, you can easily create an online gift voucher form so that website visitors can choose a voucher amount, add recipient delivery details and add their gift message. Post your vouchers via snail mail for recipients to use in your physical store or create a discount code for each voucher, then email to recipients to be … [Read more...]

Cart66 and Custom Post Types for Shops

Custom Views template for Cart66 Shop

Custom Post Types work beautifully with the Cart66 e-commerce plugin to help save time adding products and create gorgeous shop layouts for both category and single product pages. There are a few tips and tricks for cart66 and custom post types which will make sure that your product pages look good and work well. In this tutorial, you will … [Read more...]

Cart66 HTML Email Receipts

online shop email notifications

The Cart66 E-Commerce plugin sends an email receipt to anyone who purchases something from your online store with item and shipping costs listed. This email is the perfect opportunity for you add your own logo, a thank you message, some helpful links and even a special offer or two. Cart66 introduced html email notifications a couple of versions … [Read more...]

Store Categories, Navigation & Sidebars

Cart66 categories navigation Sidebars

Cart66 is such a flexible e-commerce plugin because you are basically just creating 'add to cart' buttons then adding them wherever you want a product to be purchased. This means that you can take full advantage of  WordPress' in-built content management.You can display product thumbnails and summaries in category pages and in featured posts … [Read more...]

Grid View Custom Post Types – Part 2

Grid View Custom Post Types

The Views plugin gives you lots of options for displaying custom post types you created using the Types plugin. You can easily create grid style category pages to show  summaries of your posts and create templates to layout your information just how you want it on your single post pages. You can purchase the Views plugin here. In this tutorial, … [Read more...]

Cart66 Promotions and Discounts

Use discount codes to reward your customers

The Cart66 e-commerce plugin lets you setup special promotion codes discounting one or more of the products in your shop. You can then promote the code in your email newsletter or Facebook competition to reward loyal subscribers, customers and fans. In this tutorial, you will learn: How promotions work when making a purchase How to … [Read more...]

Your Logo on PayPal Payment Page

Creative Web Ideas custom PayPal Payment Page

If you use PayPal to process credit card payments on your e-commerce store, it is a good idea to brand your secure payment page with your logo and website colors. Customers who click on the checkout button on your website see your logo and immediately know that they are in the right place, plus the emphasis is on your brand rather than PayPal. … [Read more...]

Shopping Cart Widget for Cart66


The Shopping Cart widget for Cart66 can be dragged into your sidebar to automatically show items added to your shopping cart. It also includes links to go directly to either the cart or the checkout. If you select the advanced option, you can also show shipping in your shopping cart widget. By adding a shopping cart image/icon to the widget, you … [Read more...]

Gravity Form to Cart66 Shopping Cart

Forms for workshop and event bookings

The Cart66 e-commerce plugin gives you the option of using a form instead of an 'add to cart' button for any product in your WordPress store. This works well for event registrations, bookings, group memberships, online memberships, custom products - anything where you need your customer to give you additional information at the time of … [Read more...]