Gravity Forms Plugin Tutorials

Use the Gravity Forms Plugin to create online forms for your WordPress website. Tutorials on everything from simple contact forms to online directories, automatic post creation forms, payment forms and shopping cart forms...

Spam Protection for Gravity Forms


If you get a lot of spam from the forms on your website, there are a couple of options for spam protection for Gravity Forms. Spam form entries can also affect your mailing list and your pocket so there are lots of reasons to get this sorted. In this tutorial, you will learn... How to activate anti-spam honeypot How to add ReCAPTCHA field … [Read more...]

Dropdown List of Posts on Form

infographics options

Add a field to your enquiry form  or help form to automatically show a dropdown list of posts from your WordPress website. Your customers can enquire about a product (using Cart66 e-commerce plugin, all your products are posts), ask for help on a tutorial (all my tutorials are posts) or ask for more info on any post (articles, houses etc). New … [Read more...]

Anchor Page after Form Submit


Once a form on your website is submitted, keep the page from moving back to the top to make sure that the confirmation or error message is seen easily. That way the sender knows if they have successfully subscribed to your newsletter, asked a question etc. Especially important for mobile users and when forms are located in footer or sidebar. In … [Read more...]

Create a Horizontal Email Signup Form

Bunte Couch

Many Genesis themes include widget sections on the homepage which stretch across the entire width of the page making a perfect place for a horizontal email newsletter signup form. Even if you don't have a full width section available, you can combine 2 or 3 widget areas to make one. This can also work in your footer. Browse themes on the … [Read more...]

Export Form Entries to Excel

export forms to excel

If you use Gravity forms on your website, you can easily export your form entries as an excel file making it easy to analyze or to import them into another database or software program. The export function can also be used to export the forms themselves to import into another WordPress website so you never have to rebuild your forms from scratch. … [Read more...]

2 Column Form Layouts & More…

2 column form layouts

Gravity forms CSS ready classes make it easy to improve the layout and useability of your forms. You can display form fields in columns, put form lists into 2 or 3 columns, create scrolling text boxes for terms and conditions and much more. Use css ready classes to tidy up your forms and make them easier to use. In this tutorial, you will … [Read more...]

Online Gift Voucher Form

Online Gift Voucher Form

Using Cart66 and Gravity Forms, you can easily create an online gift voucher form so that website visitors can choose a voucher amount, add recipient delivery details and add their gift message. Post your vouchers via snail mail for recipients to use in your physical store or create a discount code for each voucher, then email to recipients to be … [Read more...]

Adding Graphics to Website Forms

2 column form layouts

To make your website forms more interesting and easier to use, think about adding images, screenshots and graphical titles. Ideas for improving website forms... Graphical titles to separate different sections of the form Fun images throughout to make the process less serious Screenshots in relevant places to help the process This is … [Read more...]

Fix Gravity Forms Tabbing


When you are filling in a form online, you expect to be able to use the tab key to jump from field to field as you type your details. However, if you have another form in your website's sidebar or footer area such as an email signup form, hitting the tab key inside a form may actually send people to your other form rather than the one they were … [Read more...]