Email Newsletter Tutorials

The following tutorials will teach you how to create an RSS campaign, how to add a signup form to your website or Facebook page, how to offer multiple lists on one signup form and more…

Importing a Customer Database


If you already have a list of customers or email addresses collected by your company, you can import these into a Mailchimp list. It is a good idea to look through your list before you import and get rid of old or dodgy emails. Read Mailchimp’s … [Read more...]

Adding Fields to Your Signup Form


By default, your signup form includes fields for email address, first name and last name. If you are going to be importing other information, you will need to add more fields to your signup form first. In this tutorial, you will learn... How … [Read more...]

Creating a New Mailchimp List


Whether you are planning to import an existing list of customer details or just add a signup form to your website to start collecting email addresses, you will need to first setup a list for the data to be added to. Click on Lists at the top of … [Read more...]

Mailchimp Online Integrations


You can link to your Mailchimp account to other online accounts to facilitate sharing of subscriber info and campaign data. In this tutorial, you will learn how to... Link to your social media accounts so that your email newsletter campaigns … [Read more...]

Setting Up a Mailchimp Account


Setting up a Mailchimp account to manage your customer database and email newsletter is quick and FREE. Go to Click on the signup link in the top right corner of the webpage. Add your contact details and company details You … [Read more...]

Why Use Mailchimp?


Here are just a few of the reasons I recommend Mailchimp for email newsletters for my clients and tutorial members... RSS and Standard Campaigns A standard campaign is created inside Mailchimp, content added then sent. An RSS campaign is linked to … [Read more...]

Design an Easy Store Newsletter


If you have an online store, the best way to get your products in front of existing and potential customers is via an email newsletter. Whether you showcase new products, sale products or focus each newsletter on a particular theme or group of … [Read more...]