Email Newsletter Tutorials

The following tutorials will teach you how to create an RSS campaign, how to add a signup form to your website or Facebook page, how to offer multiple lists on one signup form and more…

Design an Easy Store Newsletter


If you have an online store, the best way to get your products in front of existing and potential customers is via an email newsletter. Whether you showcase new products, sale products or focus each newsletter on a particular theme or group of products, you can easily create an effective newsletter to send to your database. Your subscribers will … [Read more...]

Add Images to RSS Newsletter


If you have an rss email newsletter automatically sending out snippets of your latest blog posts or articles or products, you can easily show the post's featured image with each snippet. This greatly enhances your newsletter giving your reader more clues as the content of the post and more reasons to click through to your website. If you are using … [Read more...]

Best Practice First Email Newsletter


Have you been collecting business cards and email addresses for years but haven't even sent any of them an email newsletter? If your contacts are not actual customers or haven't willingly signed up to an email newsletter via your website or at a trade fair etc, you need to be very careful when you first get in touch. Your first email newsletter … [Read more...]

MailChimp Automated Birthday Emails

First birthday cupcake

Setup autoresponders for your newsletter subscribers inside MailChimp to send a special offer  or discount voucher by email on their birthday. First add a birthday field to your signup form, then create an autoresponder to send an email automatically either on each subscribers birthday or a certain number of days/months/years before or after the … [Read more...]

Drag and Drop Newsletter Design

Mailchimp drag and drop newsletter design

MailChimp's new drag and drop newsletter design editor makes it so easy to create an email newsletter campaign which looks great and contains all sorts of interesting content. Most templates automatically create a mobile version of your template and it is available for both RSS and standard newsletters. In this tutorial, you will … [Read more...]

MailChimp Welcome Email

Welcome subscribers to your mailing list

The MailChimp Newsletter welcome email your subscribers receive after signing up to your newsletter list can be branded and personalized. You can add a survey to it, a bunch of helpful links, a special discount code or a link to download a file. All these things add value to your product (and hopefully sales at a later date) without too much … [Read more...]