NextGEN Photo Gallery Plugin Tutorials

Find out how to add galleries to your website then display them on a page, in your sidebar or as a photo strip across your homepage. Download the NextGEN Gallery plugin or search for it under Plugins/Add New on your admin sidebar.

Buy Now Buttons on NextGEN Gallery

Film with images

If you are selling photos, illustrations or other visual artworks, it makes sense to use the NextGEN Gallery plugin to showcase your work in galleries. The best time to have customers buy your art is as they have an image open in the gallery lightbox. This can easily be achieved using the Cart66 e-commerce plugin. In this tutorial, you will … [Read more...]

Touch Galleries for Mobile Websites

touch galleries for mobile

Want your mobile visitors to be able to swipe through photos on your WordPress website? There is fantastic little mobile addon for the NextGEN Gallery plugin so people looking at your photos on a mobile device, can swipe through them just by touching their screens. In this tutorial, you will learn... How the plugin works on a mobile … [Read more...]

User Uploaded Gallery Images

Public upload form for photo gallery

Use the Image Uploader plugin to add user upload functionality to your  NextGEN Gallery photo galleries.  Allow any website visitor or only logged in users to upload images to one of your website photo galleries and receive an email when a new image is pending approval. Perfect for event websites (attendees can upload their photos of the … [Read more...]

NextGEN Gallery Lightbox Effects

Add Lightbox effects to your online photo galleries

NextGEN Gallery lightbox effects show when someone clicks on one of the small images in your online photo gallery. A large image opens over the top of your screen content in a lightbox and everything except the image fades on the screen. Keep reading for more info on three different easy to use effects for the NextGEN Photo Gallery plugin and the … [Read more...]

NextGEN Gallery Plugin Visual Guide

Visual Guide to NextGEN Gallery Plugin

Screenshots and notes on adjusting gallery settings, adding a gallery, uploading images, adding SEO titles, editing thumbnails, changing sort order, adding gallery to page and adding gallery strip to a sidebar/homepage. Price: $5.00 … [Read more...]

Photo Strip Gallery Across Your Homepage


Use the NextGen Gallery widget to add photo strips and mini photo galleries to widgetized areas of your WordPress website like your homepage, sidebar or footer. They look great, keep your website looking fresh and can be easily changed to show one or more galleries. In this tutorial, you'll learn: To setup the NextGEN Gallery widget To … [Read more...]

4 Tips for NextGEN Thumbnails

Create professional online photo galleries with the NextGen Photo Plugin for WordPress

The NextGEN Gallery Plugin for WordPress creates beautiful photo galleries to display on your WordPress website. There are a lot of things you can do within this plugin to really make your galleries jump out of the page and sell your product. Here are my four top tips for NextGEN thumbnails. In this tutorial, you will learn... How to set … [Read more...]

Optimise Photo Galleries for Google

NextGen Gallery plugin online galleries

Photo galleries can generate lots of great 'Google juice'  as long as you make sure every image is search engine optimized. Photo blogging is a great way to keep your website fresh and increase keywords on your site. Instead of creating blog categories, create photo galleries and regularly add images to your galleries. To find out if photo … [Read more...]