Best WordPress Sharing Plugin


A huge range of social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin to name a few) to add to the bottom of your blog posts and pages.   Website visitors click on the buttons to share your content quickly and easily without leaving your website. The Shareaholic plugin (formerly called Sexy Bookmarks) has evolved to include: detailed … [Read more...]

Save Favorite Posts Plugin

WP Favorite Posts plugin - save your favorite posts

Use the WP Favorite Posts plugin to let your website visitors save a list of their favorite posts or products to come back to easily next time they visit your website. Setup so that all visitors can create a list of favorite posts or only logged in users. This plugin could also function as a watchlist for real estate or auction websites or to … [Read more...]

Improve WordPress Recent Comments

Enhanced recent comments widget using the Better WordPress Recent Comments plugin

Instead of the WordPress default, Recent Comments widget, use a plugin called Better WordPress Recent Comments. You can take your comments to a whole new level with options including: List actual comment with author name Group comments to show conversation Show only comments from a specific page/post Show all your comments on a dedicated … [Read more...]

Drop-down Pages Widget

Drop-down pages widget for finding content quickly

The Flexipages Plugin adds a drop-down pages widget to your website so you can easily display a dropdown list of any combination of pages. You choose which pages appear in the list providing quick access to a list of services, locations or another group of pages. The dropdown layout means that you save space and by customizing the widget … [Read more...]

Improve Your WordPress Search Box

Make your wordpress search box search everything

An effective search box makes sure your website visitors can always find what they are looking for. Find out how to super charge the WordPress default search box on your website to include tags, categories, wp e-commerce products, comments and excerpts as well as all your pages and posts in your search results. You can further customize the … [Read more...]

Interactive Google Maps Inside WordPress

Create Maps inside WordPress without going to Google

The MapPress plugin lets you create interactive Google Maps inside WordPress without visiting Google at all. You simply create a new map, add locations one by one, customise the details on each marker, set the map preview to show all your markers and insert into a page or post. Website visitors can view your maps, find out more about locations … [Read more...]

Send Posts to Multiple Twitter Accounts

Authorise WordTwit to Access Your Twitter Account

As well as sending your WordPress posts to your company twitter account automatically, the Wordtwit Pro plugin allows your blog authors to also send their posts to their own twitter accounts so you can tweet one post many times. WordTwit Pro also lets you customise the wording on your tweet, add hashtags and even schedule when the tweet should … [Read more...]

Automatic Child Page Summaries


The Sub Page Summary plugin automatically adds a summary of child pages on the parent page. The summary includes a title linking to the subpage, a text excerpt and a thumbnail-sized image. Many website owners worry about what to put on their top level pages when there are a number of subpages dropping down underneath. The solution is often to cut … [Read more...]

Keep Them Reading – Related Posts

the three-colour apples 3d rendering

Adding a related posts plugin to your WordPress blog adds a list of similar posts underneath each post which readers can click on to read more of your fascinating insights. Customising the text which appears above the list to something inviting like "You Might Also Like..." is a simple way to keep people reading your blog. The more of your posts … [Read more...]