Save Favorite Posts Plugin

WP Favorite Posts plugin - save your favorite posts

Use the WP Favorite Posts plugin to let your website visitors save a list of their favorite posts or products to come back to easily next time they visit your website. Setup so that all visitors can create a list of favorite posts or only logged in users. This plugin could also function as a watchlist for real estate or auction websites or to … [Read more...]

Drop-down Pages Widget

Drop-down pages widget for finding content quickly

The Flexipages Plugin adds a drop-down pages widget to your website so you can easily display a dropdown list of any combination of pages. You choose which pages appear in the list providing quick access to a list of services, locations or another group of pages. The dropdown layout means that you save space and by customizing the widget … [Read more...]

Automatic Child Page Summaries


The Sub Page Summary plugin automatically adds a summary of child pages on the parent page. The summary includes a title linking to the subpage, a text excerpt and a thumbnail-sized image. Many website owners worry about what to put on their top level pages when there are a number of subpages dropping down underneath. The solution is often to cut … [Read more...]