WordPress Security & Backup Plugin Tutorials

Plugins and instructions for keeping your WordPress website up to date and secure as well as the best plugins for automatically backing up your website.

If you have a lot of content on your website, particularly in regards to an online shop, I would recommend signing up to the VaultPress backup service. This backs up and monitors absolutely everything on your site constantly. They will alert you if something is wrong (or you are using a plugin that may cause issues) and if something does go wrong, they will restore your site really quickly.

Export Form Entries to Excel

export forms to excel

If you use Gravity forms on your website, you can easily export your form entries as an excel file making it easy to analyze or to import them into another database or software program. The export function can also be used to export the forms themselves to import into another WordPress website so you never have to rebuild your forms from scratch. … [Read more...]

Upgrade All Your WordPress Websites From One Dashboard


I have recently discovered a new website called ManageWP which lets you upgrade all your WordPress websites from the one dashboard. If you manage more than one WordPress website, this will save you a heap of time and keep your websites upgraded and secure! How to Add Websites to ManageWP Upload and activate a plugin called ManageWP Worker on … [Read more...]

How to Keep WordPress Secure

Folder with padlock

You've probably noticed a little message at the top of your WordPress admin, telling you that there is a new version of WordPress available and giving you a link to upgrade. Each new version of WordPress removes new security threats and protects against bugs and hackers (as well as introducing fantastic new features and better useability). … [Read more...]

Backup Your Website Automatically

It is important to backup your WordPress website

You can backup your website content on automatically using the Wordpress Database Backup Plugin which you set to email you backup automatically at regular durations. Step #1 - Back Up Your Wordpress Database Your database backup file includes your website content, widgets, menus and various wordpress settings. If anything goes wrong, your website … [Read more...]