Social Media & Sharing Tutorials

Includes tutorials on adding social media sharing buttons to your blog posts as well as setting up and integrating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr and YouTube. Some great ideas for promoting your website too.

Creating a Facebook Page for your Business


Creating a Facebook page is perfect for your business because it is visible to everyone and people can like the page (and see your updates in their feed) with you having to approve any friend requests. Use your Facebook page to engage and inform your customers with short daily updates, new photos, links to helpful articles, promotion of new … [Read more...]

Automatically Send Posts to Facebook & Twitter


The best plugin I have found to automatically send posts to Facebook and Twitter from your WordPress website is the Social plugin by MailChimp. You can add any number of Facebook and Twitter accounts in the plugin, then select which ones each post will send to at the time of publishing. You can also review and adjust what is shown in each update … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

social network

Facebook is a great way to connect with your customers and drive traffic and sales to your website. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure your Facebook page works as an effectively as possible to achieve these objectives. Here are my top 10 ways to improve your Facebook page... Include your website address in the about section … [Read more...]

Create Website Tabs on Facebook


Facebook is a great way to promote your business and have meaningful conversations with your customers but it is important that Facebook visitors can get to your website easily. In addition to including your website address in your page's 'About' summary (see #1 below), I would suggest adding website tabs on Facebook next to Photos, Likes etc … [Read more...]

Display Sharing Buttons in Sidebar

Sharing buttons in sidebar

To make your social sharing buttons stand out from your content and increase clicks, think about putting them at the top of your sidebar instead of above or below your post content. You can choose which icons you want to show depending on popularity amongst your audience and even use custom icons matching your website's look and feel. If you are … [Read more...]

Promote Your Posts on Facebook for $5


Did you know that you can promote your posts on Facebook with one click for just $5? This quick and easy promotion method ensures that your post is seen by people who like your page and their friends which makes a huge (and I mean huge) difference to the number of people who see your post and then hopefully click through to your website. This is … [Read more...]

Best WordPress Sharing Plugin


A huge range of social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin to name a few) to add to the bottom of your blog posts and pages.   Website visitors click on the buttons to share your content quickly and easily without leaving your website. The Shareaholic plugin (formerly called Sexy Bookmarks) has evolved to include: detailed … [Read more...]

Customize Facebook Tabs


Adding an App to your Facebook page for a newsletter, event or promotion adds a new tab to your page. To make sure people click on these tabs, customize Facebook tabs with an image and title from within your page admin and change the order of the tabs at the top of your page so the important ones can be seen immediately. Since September 2014, … [Read more...]

Facebook Sharing Links with Image

Make your Facebook links look great with the OpenGraph Pro plugin

Use the OpenGraph Pro plugin on your website to make your links look better on Facebook (include an image and excerpt) and get more click throughs and shares. When a website visitor (or you yourself) shares/adds a link to your website or one of your WordPress posts on Facebook, you want it to include: the post title as a link a short summary … [Read more...]