Getting Started with WordPress

If you're new to WordPress or building a new WordPress website, follow these tutorials to get you started.

New WordPress Website Checklist

new wordpress website checklist

If you have been working on your new WordPress website behind the scenes with a coming soon plugin, it should just be a matter of disabling that plugin and you're ready to go. Before that happens, you will have obviously checked your content, navigation and main links... and made sure that the paths to your primary info can be followed … [Read more...]

Adding Images (New WordPress Media Library)


The latest version of WordPress includes a much improved media library. The new WordPress media library makes it easy to add new images, customize and optimize your images and find existing images in your media library. In this tutorial, you will learn: How to upload a new image How to customize, optimize and insert into a page/post How … [Read more...]

Coming Soon Page with Form

Coming Soon Page with Subscribe Form

Collect email addresses for your newsletter and promote your business while you build your new website with the Coming Soon Pro Plugin. Easily create a stylish and mobile responsive Coming Soon Page complete with logo and email subscribe form to display online while you login and work on your new WordPress website behind the scenes. This … [Read more...]

WordPress Hosting in New Zealand

New Zealand WordPress hosting and installation instructions

Find out how to register a domain name and set up WordPress website hosting with experienced New Zealand WordPress hosting provider, OpenHost. Once your hosting is setup, follow step by step instructions to install WordPress (all from inside the OpenHost control panel) until you are ready to login to start adding content and designing your … [Read more...]

Coming Soon Page for New Designs


While you're designing and adding content to your new WordPress website, I recommend putting up a temporary 'Coming Soon' page so people who manage to get to your website before you're ready to 'go live', don't see what you're up to. The beauty of using an under construction plugin is that only people not logged in see the 'Coming Soon' screen. … [Read more...]

Resize & Crop Images inside WordPress

Re-size and Crop Images inside WordPress

You can re-size and crop images inside WordPress without having to purchase any special software. If you are loading images direct from a digital camera and they are anything over 1000 pixels wide, you should scale them to a more manageable 800 pixels wide. They will load faster and take up less space on your server hence keep web hosting costs … [Read more...]

Upload PDF Files to WordPress


If you have files created in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or graphic design programs, you are best to save them as PDF files before uploading to your website. Once in PDF format, anyone can download them online and view exactly as you saved them without needed a special program to open them. I am assuming that everyone has Adobe Acrobat on their … [Read more...]

Interactive Google Maps Inside WordPress

Create Maps inside WordPress without going to Google

The MapPress plugin lets you create interactive Google Maps inside WordPress without visiting Google at all. You simply create a new map, add locations one by one, customise the details on each marker, set the map preview to show all your markers and insert into a page or post. Website visitors can view your maps, find out more about locations … [Read more...]