How to Use WordPress Built-in Functionality

Learn how to make changes and updates yourself inside WordPress admin. Everything from writing a news article, to uploading a new photo, to changing a price, to adding a product to your shop can be done quickly and easily inside WordPress.

Control Where Widgets Display


If you're not using the Genesis framework, there is another way to control which pages/posts different widgets show on. The widget logic plugin uses the same default sidebar but adds an extra section to each widget so you can add conditional tags to specify where it should appear on your website. NOTE:  If your website uses, the Genesis … [Read more...]

New WordPress Website Checklist

new wordpress website checklist

If you have been working on your new WordPress website behind the scenes with a coming soon plugin, it should just be a matter of disabling that plugin and you're ready to go. Before that happens, you will have obviously checked your content, navigation and main links... and made sure that the paths to your primary info can be followed … [Read more...]

Enhance Menu Buttons with Images


Learn how to use basic html code to enhance your WordPress menu creating drop down menu buttons with images and descriptions. This is a great way to tell visitors more about your products and services at a glance before they even have to click through to a page on your website. Your menu becomes a product overview rather than just a series of … [Read more...]

Dealing with Comments and Trackbacks

Comments and trackbacks

A comment is when someone fills in the comment form below one of your blog posts and a trackback is when someone publishes a link to a page/post on your website on another website. WordPress sends you an email letting you know about the comment or trackback, giving you the option to either approve or delete it. If you approve comments and … [Read more...]

Creating Custom Post Types – Part 1

Recipe post types include fields for title, photo, ingredients, instructions, equipment, no. served, oven temp

Custom Post Types are a great way to organize and display different types of content (posts) on your WordPress website. Content such as real estate listings, products for sale, recipes, reviews, projects and more. This diagram 'How Custom Post Types Work' will help explain how custom post types work and why you should use them on your … [Read more...]

Better Category Pages with Genesis

Options for Category Pages using genesis

The Genesis Framework gives you a lot of options for both the look and optimization of your category pages (also called blog pages). You can add a title and description to the top of each page, add meta info for search engine optimization, show a featured image with each post, decide how much text shows and what your read more link will say. In … [Read more...]

Dropdown Blog Categories

Dropdown Blog Categories

If you are blogging or writing about different topics the chances are each of your readers are interested in one specific topic more than the others. To make it easier for your readers to go directly to their topic of choice, make sure each topic is covered by a different category, then add those categories to your menu bar. This is also a good … [Read more...]

Save Favorite Posts Plugin

WP Favorite Posts plugin - save your favorite posts

Use the WP Favorite Posts plugin to let your website visitors save a list of their favorite posts or products to come back to easily next time they visit your website. Setup so that all visitors can create a list of favorite posts or only logged in users. This plugin could also function as a watchlist for real estate or auction websites or to … [Read more...]