WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Tutorials about how to optimise your WordPress website for search engines. Learn about WordPress SEO plugins such as Google XML Site Map plugin and Google Analytics for WordPress.

Google and Duplicate Content

Adorable twin baby brothers. Top view of children.

A big consideration when optimising your website for Google is avoiding duplicate content. Having exactly the same content on different pages of your … More info

Removing Old Pages from Google Results


If Google is showing links to pages on your website which no longer exist, there is an easy process for asking them to remove the old links from their … More info

Learn WordPress SEO with Yoast Plugin

learn wordpress seo with yoast plugin

If you are new to search engine optimisation, you can learn WordPress SEO while using the Yoast SEO Plugin to optimise your WordPress website. The … More info

Better Category Pages with Genesis

Options for Category Pages using genesis

The Genesis Framework gives you a lot of options for both the look and optimization of your category pages (also called blog pages). You can add a … More info

WordPress SEO Worksheet


Planning your website's search engine optimization systematically will not only give you a better success rate but also a better understanding or how … More info

Customize Your Genesis 404 Page


Your website visitors see a 404 page or get a 'page not found' error when they click on a link to a page which doesn't exist. A customized 404 page … More info

What to Do With Your List of Website Keywords

Keywords for Google

Do you have a list of website keywords and phrases you would like your website to appear under on Google? If you're not sure where to put them on … More info

Create Custom Landing Pages in WordPress

Create Landing Pages inside WordPress

A landing page is a webpage with a single focus which helps close your sale. Landing pages also allow you to focus your page titles and meta … More info

Linking Your Posts the Easy Way


It's important when you are adding content to your website to include click-able  links whenever you reference another post you've written or refer to … More info