WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Tutorials about how to optimise your WordPress website for search engines. Learn about WordPress SEO plugins such as Google XML Site Map plugin and Google Analytics for WordPress.

Get Your Images on Google Image Search

Optimising images for seo

It is estimated that 10% of all searches are done via Google Image search. Imagine you are looking to buy a green ford mustang… You type ‘green ford mustang’ into Google and get a row of great images at the top of the results page followed by some websites. If you’re a car yard and your green mustang images are unique with different angles … [Read more...]

Google and Duplicate Content

Adorable twin baby brothers. Top view of children.

A big consideration when optimising your website for Google is avoiding duplicate content. Having exactly the same content on different pages of your website or content on your website copied exactly from other websites can negatively impact your search engine ranking.  This includes having the same meta title and description for more than one of … [Read more...]

Learn WordPress SEO with Yoast Plugin

learn wordpress seo with yoast plugin

If you are new to search engine optimisation, you can learn WordPress SEO while using the Yoast SEO Plugin to optimise your WordPress website. The plugin has a great coloured light system - get all the SEO elements right on a post and the light goes green, miss some out and you get red, orange etc. An SEO analysis helps you figure out what else … [Read more...]

Better Category Pages with Genesis

Options for Category Pages using genesis

The Genesis Framework gives you a lot of options for both the look and optimization of your category pages (also called blog pages). You can add a title and description to the top of each page, add meta info for search engine optimization, show a featured image with each post, decide how much text shows and what your read more link will say. In … [Read more...]

What to Do With Your List of Website Keywords

Keywords for Google

Do you have a list of website keywords and phrases you would like your website to appear under on Google? If you're not sure where to put them on your website or they aren't working for you, keep reading... Google doesn’t use keywords for their search engine listings This may come as a shock but currently Google doesn't take any notice of your … [Read more...]

Create Custom Landing Pages in WordPress

Create Landing Pages inside WordPress

A landing page is a webpage with a single focus which helps close your sale. Landing pages also allow you to focus your page titles and meta information for the best possible search engine optimisation for your key phrase. This is the sort of page you want people responding to your advertising to land on rather than your homepage. Landing pages … [Read more...]