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Widgets to Keep Your Homepage Fresh

widgets to keep your homepage fresh

Your website should look fresh and up to date every time a potential or existing customer visits. Make this task a lot easier by adding widgets to your homepage which automatically display recently added content, images and social media. Here are a few of the best WordPress widgets to keep your homepage fresh... Slideshow Widget Slideshow … [Read more...]

Format Heading Styles for WordPress

Setup heading styles for WordPress websites

You can format different heading styles for WordPress to make it easy to keep your content layouts consistent and make important information stand out. Customize up to 6 different headings in your theme's style sheet with different sized text, different fonts, colors and other features such as bold, underlined or all in uppercase letters. In … [Read more...]

Grid View Custom Post Types – Part 2

Grid View Custom Post Types

The Views plugin gives you lots of options for displaying custom post types you created using the Types plugin. You can easily create grid style category pages to show  summaries of your posts and create templates to layout your information just how you want it on your single post pages. You can purchase the Views plugin here. In this tutorial, … [Read more...]