WP E-Commerce Plugin Tutorials

Tutorials about how to use the WP E-Commerce plugin to build and run your online shop inside WordPress. Find out how to setup your shop, allow customers to search products, add shipping, stock control and how to link your shop to PayPal and other payment gateways. View a live site using the WP E-Commerce plugin...

Design an Easy Store Newsletter


If you have an online store, the best way to get your products in front of existing and potential customers is via an email newsletter. Whether you … More info

Integrate Online Store and Email Newsletter


Both the Cart66 E-Commerce plugin and the WP E-Commerce plugin allow you to add customers who make a purchase in your online store to a MailChimp … More info

Your Logo on PayPal Payment Page

Creative Web Ideas custom PayPal Payment Page

If you use PayPal to process credit card payments on your e-commerce store, it is a good idea to brand your secure payment page with your logo and … More info

Analytics for WordPress E-Commerce

Google Analytics for your WordPress Shop

Use Google Analytics to find out how many times customers visited your website before deciding to make a purchase and how they get to your website in … More info

Weight & Region Based Shipping

weight-based-shipping for WordPress shop

If you're using the WP E-Commerce plugin to run your WordPress online shop, there is a great addon plugin to calculate shipping based on the weight of … More info

Improve Your WordPress Search Box

Make your wordpress search box search everything

An effective search box makes sure your website visitors can always find what they are looking for. Find out how to super charge the WordPress … More info

PayPal and the E-Commerce Plugin


PayPal is a quick and easy way to accept credit card payments for the products in your online store. You just need a free PayPal account, the free … More info

WP E-Commerce – A Shop Inside WordPress

wp e-commerce shop page with products in grid view

The WP E-Commerce plugin turns your wordpress website from a self-managed website and blog into a fully functional (and customisable) online … More info