RSS Email Newsletters

Mudgway Chiropractic RSS Email NewslettersUsing WordPress and MailChimp means you can publish updates on your website and they automatically go out in your newsletter.

  • You can keep in touch with your customers easily
  • Newsletter content brings search engine traffic to your website
  • The sign up form on your website builds a loyal database
  • Your newsletter can include one or more categories of posts so you can include shop products, new events as well as articles
  • Your email forms can include an option to subscribe eg. Contact Form

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Newsletter Features

MailChimp RSS Email Newsletters will only send if you publish new content on your website. Frequency options include daily, weekly and monthly. You can setup different lists for different groups of customers and send different newsletters to each.

MailChimp Forms & Autoresponders
You can easily customise the confirmation and welcome forms your subscribers receive from MailChimp with a bonus download or special discount code for your shop. Alternatively you can redirect subscribers to a special page on your website instead of to the welcome email. Autoresponders can also be setup to automatically send information to subscribers a set number of days after signup or even on a day specified by subscribers like a birthday.

MailChimp Lists
You can split your subscribers into any number of lists and send different campaigns to each list. You can add multiple signup forms or have several list options on one signup form on your website.

MailChimp Campaign Reports
Once your campaign has sent, you can login to MailChimp to see detailed reports on each campaign sent at any stage. You’ll see how many emails were delivered (non valid addresses are taken off your list), how many were opened and how many people clicked on items in the email. You can see what people clicked on and which subscribers clicked on what. Pretty amazing stuff.

MailChimp and Facebook
If you have a Facebook business page, you can add a MailChimp signup form so people can signup to your email newsletter directly from Facebook. This also gives you the option to link your email campaigns so they are automatically posted to your Facebook business page (not your personal profile!) everytime you publish an email newsletter.  This combination of social media is a fantastic and professional way to run a special Facebook competition or promotion with customised signup form, autoresponders and more.

Why You Need an Email Newsletter

A website is great for bringing in new new enquiries, first-time sales but what about repeat visitors and existing customers? An email newsletter is an easy way to get those same people coming back to your website regularly, reading about your news and new products, asking questions and downloading information about products they are already using and hopefully purchasing new products. Read more…

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